We are located 1500 meters from Chile Chico’s central plaza, and 16 kilometers from the neighboring Argentine border town of Los Antiguos, along the Camino Internacional. Between the Patagonian steppe and the Andes Mountains, on the shores of General Carrera Lake, stands an authentic, colonial house. Surrounded by century old poplars, the park offers a view of the distant mountains and the lake, providing a place of rest and solitude for travelers. The house itself preserves the atmosphere of colonial Belgian times and the fascinating history of the southern countryside.

H O W  T O  G E T  T H E R E

By plane
By car
By bus
By ferrry
The closest airport to la Hostería de la Patagonia is in Balmaceda.
There are several options to get to Chile Chico from Balmaceda:
- For the most direct route, head south on Carretera Austral (Route 7) and then take X-065 toward the town of Puerto Ibanez. From Puerto Ibañez, you can take the ferry “La Tehuelche” directly to Chile Chico, crossing the largest lake in Chile. (4 hours from Coyhaique)

- For a scenic route through Paso de las Llaves, head south/southwest on Carretera Austral (Route 7), traveling around the western side of General Carrera Lake. You will eventually take Route 265 toward Puerto Guadal, crossing the spectacular Paso de las Llaves, a 30 kilometer section of very curvy road carved out of the rock along the lake shore. The road between Coyhaique and Puerto Guadal takes you through forests and mountains, transitioning to steppe as you move east along the coast of General Carrera Lake. (8 hours from Coyhaique)

- For those wishing to travel through Argentina, cross the Chile/Argentina border at the Paso Huemules border crossing station near Balmaceda or the Paso Ingeniero Ibáñez-Pallavicini further south. Return to Chile through the Los Antiguos-Chile Chico crossing at Paso Rio Jeinemeni. By taking this route, you will be traveling through the steppe. (5 hours) You can use the same border crossings if you are coming from Bariloche, Calafate, or Río Gallegos.
  There are buses which travel the stretch from Coyhaique to Puerto Ibañez where you can take the ferry “Somarca S.A.”
Bus Companies:
Transporte Miguel Acuña / +56 6 7225 1579 / +56 9 9217 3520 Transporte Lukas / +56 6 7339 3881 / +56 9 8354 1503 Transporte Carolina +56 6 7241 1490 / +56 9 8952 1529 Transporte Alejandro +56 9 7652 9546
Then take the ferry.
Ask Buses Alejandro for trip between Puerto Ibañez and Balmaceda.
 Take ferry from Puerto Ibañez
Booking en Naviera Austral
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